Makeup Obsession

Like most ladies I know, nothing makes you feel ready to take on the day quite like the color pop of lipstick.

From the color to the texture lipstick can sometimes be a tricky element to master. Keeping up with the trends can be even more challenging and a little costly! One thing I know for sure is that not one shade fits all. It’s important to know which shades go with your own personal coloring.

Lucky for girls all around the world, this spring 2015 it seems every color is in style! Don’t believe me? You can read more from Hapers Bazaar magazine about the latest spring colors here:

So maybe stay with your favorite go to shade or pick up something daringly new on your next shopping trip! And for my drug store cosmetic junkies I can personally say Neutrogena’s MoistureSmooth color stick as well as Revlon’s matte color balm work wonders for a great price! 

(Photo above from paperfashion Instagram; a seriously cool account everyone who loves all things fashion, creative, and colorful should follow)



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