Healthy Homade Hummus!

With the listeria outbreak in Sabra hummus, it got me thinking, do we really know what ingredients come along with our packaged foods?  It’s kind of scary to think about added preservatives and artificial ingredients that are in some of our most beloved foods. 

Sooo I figured why not nix the preservatives and, along with buying organic produce and checking labels for sneaky added artificial ingredients, hand make my own foods! 

With hummus being a great and fast healthy snack I decided to begin with a simple and easy recipe anyone can make! 

Ingredients you’ll need;

1 tbls olive oil

2-3 tbls tahini (grounded sesame seed)

1 can garbanzo beans 

1 garlic clove

A pinch of salt

A squeeze of lemon  

 Drain half the liquid out of the can if garbanzo beans so as to not completely liquefy the dip but still allow it to be spreadable. Mix all the ingredients in your blender to the consistency of your liking and then ta-dahhhh!  You’ve made your very own hummus ! 

For me I added a little more lemon juice and only a half a glove of garlic (because I’m not a huge fan of it). I also added a bit more salt too! This made it more zesty then savory, but you can tweak to your liking! 

  I chose to dip red pepper slices in my hummus but you can dip crackers, carrots, celery, or even spead it on a sandwhich! 


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