New Orleans Love

Growing up in the south I’ve grown accustom to several quirky traits that set us apart from the other parts of the country. However, I will never cease to be amazed by the beauty and authenticity of New Orleans, 

  picture source

Upon arrival at the Roosevelt hotel, a magnificent and oh so elegant architectural spectacle, we were greeted by friendly smiling faces of hotel staff. They all seemed so happy to be working and there and their joy was contagious. In the lobby there is a cafe called Teddy’s Café which serves the most beautiful truffles, tea, coffee, and dainty little sandwhiches. 


Although we didn’t dine here (I did however sit for some green tea one morning) we did get the opportunity to have dinner at Dominica, one of John Bech’s many restaurants. The Italian atmosphere is electric and blissful!


Of course what is dinner with out a bit of wine! Me, still being new at aquiring a taste for red wine, chose a lovely rosé that was delicate and light. Perfectly refreshing for the hot and humid weather during summer in the south. 

And of corse the shopping!! We walked several miles up and down Magazine street as well as Canal. And is it really a shopping trip without stopping into Saks Fifth Avenue and Free People? Lucky for me we stopped in both! We also may have popped into anthropologie , 

Whether you’re up town or down town, the architecture of every building offers something beautifully unique! 

^(this photo was actually taken inside one of the dressing rooms in free people; the building used to be a bank a long time ago; how cool!??) 

I may have splurge a bit more then my bank account would have liked, there was a sense of euphoria in the city that made all my purchases totally worth it! 

Although I don’t feel the need to do tourist attractions, if you aren’t from the south id deffinitelt check them out. From haunted house tours, city tours, the French quarter, cafe du monde, and of course bourbon street there is something that will appeal to everyone and anyone who visits! 

What would you want to see first? 



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